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Combining their ambitious spirits, their love of heavy music, and a unified dream of achieving greatness with their desire to bring messages of self-empowerment to the world, mirror twins - Tanya Venom )Guitar/Vocals) and Tia Mayhem (Bass/Vocals), and their best friend, Maddie May Scott (Drums/Vocals), knew that forming a band together was an undeniable necessity.  The twins, having previously been primarily instrumentalists and backing vocalists, rose to the challenge and summoned the courage to sing lead vocals so that the three of them could work together exclusively as a power trio.  Thus, in October of 2019, amongst a rare bomb cyclone and under the influential hunter moon that inspires drastic change and taking action, Stormstress was born...

"They bring an enthusiasm to the stage that radiates off and infects the crowd with energy.  There is a buzz in the air, not unlike an oncoming storm.  Tanya's electrifying force is almost tangible, Maddie's beats will get into your bones, and Tia's bass lines become the life force in the room"

- Restless Music Magazine

"Drummer Maddie May Scott lays down the solid grooves that are thunderous yet eloquent while Tanya Venom and Tia Mayhem unleash a guitar and bass assault that's got all the hefty riffing and fiery solos that are sorely missing from today's rock scene, with vocals that are both anthemic and haunting"

- Rock and Roll Fables

"They have a sound that seems influenced by the melodic metal od such pioneers as Dio and lyrics that have an intelligence and relatability to them.  Intense instrumentals come alongside singing about empowerment of the human spirit"

- Black Serpent Press

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